Gold Melting Equipment

Just Brief Info,

You can collect your useless items like, old fashioned or broken gold or silver pieces. beside that if you adventure like gold prospecting or small scale gold mine and melt them to create new items such as coins, bars or get new jewelry pieces made from a professional. The process of melting gold is quite simple and needs only a few common tools found in most households. Once done, you can pour melted gold in molds or clay crucibles, so that it can be hardened and used to keep, sell or create new pieces. Melting gold on your own will not only avoid usage of harsh chemicals on your gold, but will also save your money which the professionals will demand for.

It can remain switch on without control time or any attention. Provided with automatic pyrometer. Constant temp 1060 oC for gold and 960 for silver. Capacity : 1 or 2 kilo. So melting or smelting gold are difference between 'Melting' and 'Smelting' as they are very different. When you 'Melt' Gold, you change it from a solid to a liquid, you don’t change its chemical composition, or its amount of alloys. Everything for Gold and Silver melting, when melting gold people used a blow torch with air bellow, then a torch, then and electric melt. Whatever your choice we have the torch, the electric melt for you. 


If you are using it to melting gold or silver or using it to buy gold bullion is scrap, gold prospecting/mining, jewelry form, or directly from the mine or placer mining, we have what you need. Regard, black sand are found so consistently with gold is that they are both heavier than other sand and gravel which gold is found. The black sand consist of different of minerals depending upon theirs origin but are approximately twice as heavy as other sands.


NOT FOR SALE - Gold Electric Melting Furnace with Crucible and Tong.        GRAPHITE CRUCIBLES
Excellent quality crucibles made of natural flake graphite and silicon carbide bonded with plastic fire clay. For furnaces. Capacity from 1 kg up to 36 kg.

Gold Nuggets melt it down, become bar form

If you are using it in any of the many casting applications we have the right smelter for the right job and at the right price. If you are melting metal for buying scrap gold, silver, copper or even platinum, to then pour into ingots mold, and selling the ingots to refiners, again we have the right assortment of electric gold melts for you. You can also melt any metal and then use it to making wire, or sheet, free form casting, or shot. Melting equipment and supplies; induction, electric, gas, and torch melting equipment and supplies. From trusted manufacturers, allow you to do everything for melting, refining and processing metals in any form either scrap gold, old jewelry, mining or prospecting, all fast, easy and convenient.

Mold front and Back.

When you 'Smelt' something you chemically change the material. When you prospecting, find gold when panning, chances are it is not pure. Placer gold, which is the main type of gold we find in streams in the Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines is a lot purer than the 'Hard rock' gold mined under ground, but it will still contain various alloys of other materials, could be silver, copper or even zinc. Pure Gold, the 99.9% stuff that the world prices are based on contains .1% of impurities. It’s just not viable to process out that .1% so they leave it. Your placer flakes or nuggets would be around 80% pure. in some parts of the world it can be as low as 50% and in some as high as 92%.


All the tools supplies and equipment a person could envision to get the job done right, quickly and easily. When it come to melting the metals like machine, or by hand, you will find all the innovative quality and long lasting machines, tools and supplies that  depend on at the lowest prices.


Clay Crucibles ( Melting Dish) NOT FOR SALE
A high quality refractory melting dish for melting all metals.
1 to 200 Taels capacity.